What your wedding theme says about you as a couple

What your wedding theme says about you as a couple

Only of late have wedding themes become such a focus, with every wedding attended now having some sort of unique personality. Although a great industry change, especially for companies like Maharaja, themes are certainly something that have to be well thought out, a decision that nobody should rush into.

Traditional Wedding

Although tradition refers to a simple, original state the term now stands for a sort of vintage feel, losing its popularity due to the rise of the obscure. From clean wedding dress shapes to conventional Indian colours such as red and gold, a traditional wedding is perfect for a traditional, respectful couple.

Modern Wedding

Seeing more and more futuristic-type celebrations unfold we are seeing many modern brides and grooms make their way down the aisle, a theme that is very popular amongst young, professional Asian couples. From westernised wedding dresses with an Asian twist to music directly from the charts, a modern wedding can only really be enjoyed by the young and enthusiastic.

Fairytale Wedding

With long cascading locks and flowers draped just about everywhere a fairytale wedding is reserved for the couples that are very much in love, a type of wedding where you will see extremely emotional displays of affection whilst being subject to long vows.

Novelty Wedding

With the internet now giving us access to the weird and wonderful many Asian brides and grooms are actively challenging convention, usually the rebellious types that want to shock and awe. Novelty themes refers to literally anything, with Maharaja having seen everything from rock n roll weddings to Moroccan themes.

Whatever theme you are considering, ensuring you look after your guests with great food, drink and entertainment. If you are at that planning stage and are considering menus then be sure to contact us today and learn more about our unparalleled catering services.