What is the UK’s Favourite curry? Maharaja Investigates

What is the UK’s Favourite curry? Maharaja Investigates

Coming to the end of this glorious week we at the Maharaja HQ thought we would take a step back, looking at the bigger picture of the curry world. With Britain having adopted curry as a national cuisine there must be something pretty special about the dish for it to have tickled our taste buds for so many years. According to Maharaja customers it is the strong flavours and character of Asian food that prevails, with Asian chefs renowned for being creative in the kitchen.

Tej Randeva, Director of Maharaja London, says consistency is very important in food, especially when it comes to curry.

‘At Maharaja we ensure that our recipes are consistent from one event to the next, making sure that the returning customer receives the same high standards time and time again.’

‘Although we all love curry the lack of consistency in dishes can be an issue. For example, you can go to your local curry house one week, order the same dish the next and have a completely different experience. What we at Maharaja do is allow people to identify with our food, ensuring that they can enjoy the same Paneer dish they tasted at their cousin’s wedding as they did at their prom dinner’.

With many of the Maharaja curries already boasting their own fan base we are interested in finding out which is the nation’s favourite.

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Bhindi Bhuna
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Shahi Paneer