Wedding on Wheels proves popular amongst Indian couples

Wedding on Wheels proves popular amongst Indian couples

Where Indian weddings used to be borderline obsessed with upholding tradition we are starting to get a lot more experimental, wanting to wow with our choice of wedding food, cake and venue. While more open-minded when it comes to the alternative wedding here in the UK it seems that India are just catching up, recently buying into new crazes.

The latest to catch the eye of Indian brides and grooms is the Wedding on Wheels, a service that offers dine-dining, bespoke décor and the ability to host ceremonies on a luxury train.

Maharajas’ Express

This is to be rolled out by IRCTC, a firm that runs the most luxurious trains in the world, the aptly named Maharajas’ Express.

“It’s similar to offering everything one could expect during a wedding held in a hotel, resort or farmhouse. There will be the best of everything, managed by experts to make it one of the most memorable events for the bride, groom and their families,” a railways official said.

“We are finalising the finer details and will launch these packages on demand. We are hoping it’s a huge success” they added.

A bespoke service

Putting the bride and groom in charge of their big day they can build their train wedding from the bottom, selecting:

  • Specific coaches
  • Travel circuits
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Number of guest
  • Decorations

While arguing that you may as well choose a hotel this option is certainly for those seeking opulence and indulgence, with the option to have spas and saunas on board the trains.

Let is know what you think, would the UK benefit from such a wedding service? Leave your comments below.

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