Trickling your wedding theme through your food

Trickling your wedding theme through your food

If you are planning a themed wedding then you will obviously want the personality of the event to trickle through each and every aspect of the day, including the food. Luckily for you we at Maharaja boast vast experience in alternative wedding catering, constantly experimenting with taste, presentation and theme in our cooking. From fairytale weddings and obscure themes to traditionally-styled plates, it is safe to say that we have seen and done it all when it comes to wedding food. Passionate about giving the happy couples of the UK exactly what they want, we work from the customer’s direction, however outlandish their requests.

Food with direction

Where the majority of catering firms in the UK will simply throw together a set of dishes to serve at a celebration our approach is somewhat different, giving our menus more of a narrative.

‘All weddings have some sort of focus’ says one of the Maharaja chefs.

‘This also applies when it comes to the food, with the meal being one of the most important parts of the whole event.

‘This is why we work very closely with our brides, grooms and wedding planners, learning about them, their relationship and how they see their big day unfolding.’

Food with a story

Many choose to accompany each dish with a story, giving diners information on the origin of the dish, its ingredients and why the couple wanted this dish to be a part of their wedding. Not only is this a nice, unique touch but such materials make for great keepsakes, allowing guests as well as the wedding party to physically keep a memory from the day.

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