Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Wedding

Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Wedding

19th October 2015

Whether we like it or not, the way we interact with our friends and engage socially has changed massively over the years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Particularly with big events like weddings, social media has an increasingly more important role to play. Whether it’s building up excitement before the big day or sharing your memories afterwards, using a hashtag for your wedding can help you keep tabs on all the social media surrounding the occasion.

Interact with your wedding guest

By creating a simple, easy to remember hashtag to represent your wedding, you are giving your guests a fun and easy way to interact online with other people attending your wedding as well as you and your partner. Your hashtag can feature on your invitation, helping build an online community around your wedding in the run up to your big day, as well as on thank you letters and wedding stationery encouraging guests to tag any videos or photos they upload after the wedding. Whether they’re used to tag excited tweets on Twitter or for guests to show off their wedding outfits on Instagram, wedding hashtags are a great way of keeping in touch.

Keep your wedding hashtag unique

When putting together your wedding hashtag, it’s important to create something unique and easy to remember. Composites of both the bride’s and groom’s names are popular – for example #SoniaKam or #AmyPete – but unfortunately these have often already been used, so avoid recycling hashtags and confusing your guests. Instead, think about how you can change these hashtags to make them unique. Some examples are #SoniaWedsKam, #AmyandPete, #SoniaKamWedding, #AmyPete2014 and many more. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hashtags, but remember to ensure they are easy for your guests to use without any complicated spellings or ambiguous abbreviations.

What unique hashtag does Maharaja use?

Our unique hashtag is #MaharajaLondon – you can click here to see our social hashtag in action:

#MaharajaLondon on Twitter
#MaharajaLondon on Instagram
#MaharajaLondon on Facebook

Creating a hashtag for your wedding is a great way to bring your celebrations into the 21st century and to keep tabs on all your wedding news.

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