Wedding food: DIY vs. outside caterers

Wedding food: DIY vs. outside caterers

Nowadays the theme of the home-grown and vintage has become very poplar, especially with regards to wedding planning. Encouraging brides to make their own wedding dresses, table decorations and invitations there is little the superwoman bride can achieve. However, is it worth the stress of organising your own wedding food? We at Maharaja think not.

Although coming across arguably biased the truth is we believe in the value of well-planned weddings, believing that smooth-running sets the whole tone of the day. This is why we highly recommend outsourcing the wedding food, leaving such important wedding incorporations to the experts.

Food standard

Although brides and grooms may have a sound knowledge of how to cook large weddings require an expert level of knowledge, with experience in cooking methods, ingredient selection and presentation all vital.

Lak Banwait of the Maharaja management team says:

We all expect a certain standard of food when attending a wedding, with Asian weddings in particular centred around the meal time. This is why hiring professional caterers is advised, seeing that guests and the wedding party are not disappointed. With the experience to manage certain tastes, portions and presentation caterers eliminate the unwanted stress from wedding food.


While many regard caterers as a ‘wedding expense’ the truth is you get what you pay for. Therefore if you want great food that will encourage lasting wedding memories you will have to pay the price. At Maharaja we are however sympathetic towards budget, putting together tailored wedding food packages that suit all parties.

Stress levels

One of the most important reasons to opt for outside caterers is to eliminate stress, seeing that the wedding party can relax, enjoy the celebration and not have to worry about supplying food or drink to anyone. In our opinion the disposal of stress really in priceless.

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