What to wear to an Indian wedding

What to wear to an Indian wedding

If you are set to attend your first Indian wedding then we understand that the whole experience may be slightly daunting, conducted in a completely separate manner to your average British celebration. Having provided Indian catering solutions for hundreds of weddings it is safe to say we have seen our fair share of outfits; some stunning and others rather unique. With Indian weddings coming with an array of ceremonies, traditions and rituals deciding what to wear can be rather stressful.

If you are worried about what to wear for your upcoming event then we hope these top tips can help you make your mind up.

Traditional dress code

Convention tells that everyone at a Indian wedding should pay homage to the bride and groom, wearing traditional attire and embracing their culture. If you are going to a traditional ceremony of a couple with a strict faith then remember to avoid baring the shoulders, low cut tops, skirts or other revealing pieces. This will show respect to the wedding, the guests as well as the faith. Silk, crepe, chiffon or georgette tend to be the best and most popular materials.


Strong, vibrant colours are welcomed with open arms in the Asian community, with celebrations being all about vivaciousness. The only colours to avoid would be black and white, traditionally associated with mourning. We would also urge the women to steer clear of red, a colour usually reserved for the bride.


With lots of food paired with an eagerness to get on the dancefloor a flowy number is heavily advised, giving you room to let loose and really enjoy yourself. Saris are renowned for providing such comfort, making them both culturally suitable and giving you room to enjoy your food to the maximum.

Jewellery, bling and other sparkly things

Jewellery should sit at the centre of your outfit, with Indian weddings being all about showy earrings, necklaces and headdresses. Bangles are also very popular for female wedding guests, usually worn most of the way up the arm.

If you have any wedding outfit advice for our readers then share it with us by commenting below.