What to wear to an Indian wedding

What to wear to an Indian wedding

Indian Weddings are absolutely beautiful ceremonies which are full of heritage and tradition, varying depending on which religion the newly married couple belong to. One thing unites all Indian weddings regardless of individual religious connotations, and that is the pomp and ceremony attached to these wonderful days. Indian weddings are full of beautiful colours and vibrancy and attending one will guarantee you a day that you will never forget, but choosing what to wear can be tricky! Here’s our guide on what to wear to an Indian wedding.

Religious Ceremony Dress Code

If you’re attending an Indian wedding where you will be present for a religious ceremony, or attending a temple as part of the wedding, then it is important to respect the religion and abide by the correct dress code. It is a wonderful gesture to wear a saree, lenhenga or anarkali suit. To adopt the traditional dress for an Indian wedding is a sign of respect, and a true pleasure because the clothes are so incredibly beautiful and embellished. Regardless of whether you opt for traditional dress or not, it is important to avoid baring the shoulders, low cut tops, skirts or any other revealing items – particularly if you are attending the temple. Most Indian Wedding ceremonies which take place in a temple will also require you to cover your head. We recommend matching a pashmina or large scarf to your outfit to cover your hair for the ceremony.

Which Colours to Wear

Indian weddings are unanimously bright, colourful and full of vibrancy, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to experiment and to be bold with your dress sense. However, white and black are colours traditionally associated with funerals and mourning, and red is typically what an Indian bride would wear, so avoid these colours when planning your outfit.

Take your Shoes Off

Shoes are often taken off at an Indian wedding and most religious settings in many Indian ceremonies actually require for you to take your shoes off. Though socks and stockings are considered acceptable, you don’t need to worry about choosing the perfect shoes to finish off your outfit.


Finally, jewellery is a huge focus for many of the women who attend an Indian wedding, which means the accessories are the key part to pulling together your outfit. Opt for gorgeous and glamorous jewellery in the form of necklaces and earrings, bangles and head pieces – all to accentuate your outfit. Embrace the glam and enjoy it – an Indian wedding is the perfect opportunity to dress to impress.