UK Wedding Suppliers Fight Back Against Sikh Council Protests

UK Wedding Suppliers Fight Back Against Sikh Council Protests

At Maharaja we love nothing more than to celebrate weddings of all types, themes, religions and traditions, simply basking in the theme of love. This is why we were slightly displaced by the news involving the Sikh Council.

With protests being carried out on a constant basis in rejection of mixed-faith Sikh ceremonies it seems the UK is experiencing a conflict of opinion when it comes to the Anand Karaj.

“If somebody really passionately wants to have an Anand Karaj they have to accept that the holy scriptures clearly states only a Sikh can be wedded by the Anand Karaj”, said Gurinder Singh Josan, comments the Sikh Council.

The backlash

With many different communities going online to pass comment on these going on it appears that the UK wedding suppliers are extremely passionate when it comes to this subject, using their status to pass comment.

Asian wedding car supplier was the first to pass comment on the protests:

‘We provide cars for all types of weddings and would never discriminate against anyone of any faith. We think that the Sikh Council should place a lot more focus on the teachings of love and compassion rather than actively protesting and ruining people’s wedding days’.

Sikh wedding invitation company,, also wanted to have their say, commenting that:

‘Sikhism is meant to be a religion of respect. I think we should respect everyone’s wishes of how and who they wish to marry, protesting and excluding will only surround Sikhism with negativity’.

Your opinion

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