Top Tips from the Maharaja Chefs

Top Tips from the Maharaja Chefs

At Maharaja our chefs are very hands on, passionate about helping brides and grooms-to-be craft a menu of perfection. From being heavily involved in the consultation process to coming up with new and innovative recipes on a constant basis, our chefs are understandably the core of the business.

With this in mind we thought we would get some tips and advice straight from the mouths of experts, asking the Maharaja catering staff to share with us their industry knowledge. Here is what they said.

Wow with your starter

Kick-starting the wedding meal the starter is arguably the most important dish, gearing diners up for the sublime food to come.

One of our product chefs, Raj, says that the starter ‘provides the opportunity to wow, getting the pallet ready for a delicious meal’.

Promoting a variety of spice, flavours and textures it is safe to say that our starters tick all the boxes, bringing the tastes of India with each mouthful.


Where it is great to have options to offer too many options can be overwhelming for diners, therefore three or four options is perfectly adequate. Usually at Maharaja we suggest offering one meat main, one fish option and two vegetarian options, with the Asian community infamously enjoying vegetable-based delicacies.

Play with traditional tastes

While Indian food is all about basking in tradition challenging convention is always welcome, with people wanting to be surprised and enticed by the dishes they are presented with. For this reason the Maharaja test kitchen is made the most of, with chefs trialling and testing new and inventive menus.

From twists on traditional dishes such as tikka masala to completely new curries built specifically for the maharaja special menu, pushing the boundaries of cooking is what we at Maharaja do so well.

Don’t underestimate desserts

Where many caterers can get quite complacent when it comes to serving dessert we at a Maharaja are renowned for celebrating the sweet tooth, promoting a great list of diverse options.

Maharaja head chef says ‘we put just as much effort into the closing course as we do the ones before it, making sure we can finish the meal with a bang!’.

Speak with our chefs today!

If you would like to learn more about the types of menus our chefs candidate you for your upcoming event call us today and allow us to discuss the various options at hand.

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