Top tips for cooking rice: How to get perfect, fluffy white rice 

Top tips for cooking rice: How to get perfect, fluffy white rice 

Rice is notoriously one of the hardest ingredients to cook, with soft, fluffy rice seeming unobtainable for many. Understanding this, we at Maharaja thought we would lend a helping hand, identifying what the most common mistakes are and ways in which to overcome them.

Measure/weigh your rice

While we at Maharaja tend to create dishes from memory or by taste, we highly advise that new rice cookers measure or weigh their uncooked rice, following a recipe in order to learn a method. Only when this is perfected should you start to cook from memory.


While some recipe books will not ask you to wash your rice, we at Maharaja highly advise it, helping with both the cooking process as well as the taste and appearance. By rinsing your rice you will remove any debris from the uncooked product, also removing he surface starch. By doing so you ensure that your rice does not clump together or get gummy as it warms up. To rinse your rice, put it in a bowl or strainer and pour cold water over the grains. Give the rice a quick stir before draining the water.

Salt the water

Cooking any starch in water will initially see the starch granules to swell. Dissolving sugars or salts in the water slows down the process. In addition to these scientific impacts, adding salt also ensures that your rice is not bland and can just be lightly seasoned before serving.

Fluff your rice up with a fork

Once your rice is cooked, you should fluff it up with a fork, ensuring that light, fluffy outcome. Using the prongs of the fork, you should separate the grains, making sure your are not serving big clumps of steam-filled rice portions.

With the above tips having aided some of the best rice dishes at wedding over the years, we believe that following these steps will result in perfect rice. If you have any cooking tips, be sure to share them with us!