Top reasons to eat more Indian food

Top reasons to eat more Indian food

Absolutely anyone who has ever enjoyed a traditional meal, made with love and care, knows how truly special this type of cuisine actually is. The aromas, the distinctive flavours, and textures of Indian food do a whole lot more than just excite taste buds. Many also have super healing properties, too. The following pointers are reasons we at Maharaja think that you should bring more quality, homemade Indian food into your home, life and dinner plate.

Medicinal use

According to the authors of a brand new study which was performed at the Indian Institute of Technology, the ingredient combinations within Indian meals may have originally been concocted for medicinal purposes.

The study authors wrote, “We conclude that the evolution of cooking driven by medicinal beliefs would have left its signature of traditional Indian recipes.”

This may explain why certain Indian dishes make you feel soothed, clear sinuses and heal tummy trouble. According to this study, that’s what they were designed for in the first place.

All that spice

According to the same researchers, “Our study reveals that spices occupy a unique position in the ingredient composition of Indian cuisine and play a major role in defining its characteristic profile.” Thankfully for your health, many of these spices are superfoods as well.

Popular spices to use for Indian food are, turmeric, hot peppers, coriander and cumin.

Homemade curry can warm you up

Homemade curries feature numerous “warming” ingredients. By combining spices, flavours and often animal bones, you are providing your body with the ability to really hit the spot if you’re feeling chilly or under the water. If you find the perfect curry you are sure to heat up in no time.

It might boost endorphins

Many fiery chili peppers which feature in Indian curries have been linked to boosting endorphins. This can also boost your mood, provide you with energy and make you feel all-around fabulous.

Whilst searching for the perfect Indian meal, just remember that any great food of any variety is dependent on high quality ingredients. You could opt to take an Indian cooking class to perfect your Indian cookery process.

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