Top Asian wedding makeup trends

Top Asian wedding makeup trends

New trends have been noticed in the fashion industry. Make-up styles are constantly changing and introducing modern, exciting enhancements. These transformations are especially popular and noticed by Asian brides, who are renowned for their stand-out glamour and wedding makeup. Here are a few Asian wedding Make-up trends.


While bold colours (as shown above) have been a popular choice for eye make-up the last few years, it seems the smoky eye is becoming a major trend. Heavy black eye-liner with brown smudges in the corners are becoming a strategy for a sophisticated look for style and glamour. Earthy tones like brown, beige and ivory are a nice mix with heavy eye liner, which is often used with a clean flick to add a statement.

Long and thick eyelashes and eyebrows are making a comeback. Make-up artists are being asked regularly to add to what is the natural brow and lash.  Lash extensions are especially popular again with Asian brides in order to create the popular bold look.

Face Contours

Perfect applications to frame the cheeks, jaw and temples are hugely popular with Asian make-up. While preparing for her big day, an Asian bride would usually apply the contour slightly heavier to last longer but also stand out perfectly in the photographs. Contours are seen as one of the most important applications, as it plays a huge role in the overall make-over look.


Asian winter weddings are almost always dominated by bold shades of lipstick, mostly cherry reds and oranges with a matte finish for the lip to last longer. Though, it seems soft colours are going to be popular for Asian brides that are getting married in 2017. Pale pinks, nude tones and beiges are set to be a hit for a hint of extra elegance.

Skin Tones

Make up artists take a lot of time to concentrate on skin tones to perfect their work. This is particularly done by concentrating on balancing tones via the foundation application. Along with the above trends it’s predicted that make-up artists will be commonly asked to give a more natural look and not to worry about covering blemishes and the natural skin tone. This is the concluding element (of many) top Asian make-up trends of 2017.