11th September 2015

A Sikh wedding is a really special occasion for the whole family, and whether you're planning a traditional ceremony or something a little more modern there are plenty of customs to be followed. These help the happy couple connect to centuries of tradition, and will create memories you're sure to treasure for years to come.

The main part of a Sikh wedding is the Anand Karaj ceremony held in the Gurdwara, and while other Sikh wedding traditions are often tweaked or modernised this tends to remain the same. This religious ceremony involves the joining of two souls in marriage, and typically lasts no longer than a few hours. After the ceremony, a banquet is held during which guests share food and enjoy music and dancing for the remainder of the day.

Aside from the Gurdwara, there are many Sikh wedding traditions that brides and grooms can choose to incorporate into their wedding day. For example, many couples choose to celebrate a kurmai engagement ceremony approximately one week before the wedding, during which Ardas and Kirtan prayers and hymns are performed over a shared meal. Sweets and items of clothing are also sometimes exchanged.

While many western Sikh weddings condense their celebrations into one day, some brides and grooms still choose a more traditional wedding that stretches over three days. These longer ceremonies feature a visit to the bride's family home, singing and dancing on the day of the wedding and an escort made up of the groom's family leaving with the happy couple the next day.

With so much music, colour and feasting, you're guaranteed a day to remember when tying the knot in a Sikh wedding ceremony.

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