Side dishes: Top tips for making the perfect naan bread

Side dishes: Top tips for making the perfect naan bread

5th August 2020

Many people are scared of taking on the complexities and sometimes time consuming processes of making Indian food. However, to start off simply a lot like to begin by learning how to make Indian side dishes, naan bread being one of them. The naan, a word that means bread in its original Persian, is a flatbread which is native to the west. It is baked in a clay oven instead of a flame in order to give it its crispier edge and fluffy core. So delicious, many opt to swap pizza for naan’s. Or, they use naan bread as the base of a pizza. If you are an Indian food beginner, here are a few tips to making a perfectly delicious naan bread.

The flour

Many chefs swear that real naan has a mix of stone ground wheat flour and white flour, although we at Maharaja believe that white flour alone is absolutely fine. Although, if you do want to munch your way through a strong flavoured naan, with higher gluten content, you could opt for either or.

Raising agent

Though they’re flat breads, naans traditionally get their bubbly texture from yeast. However, some modern variations now use baking powder instead, with many mixing extra bicarbonate soda for an impressive texture. The benefit of using baking powder is that you don’t need to leave the dough to form for hours, it will be ready after about 15 minutes. This is a quick way to getting your flatbread fix in a hurry.


In varying degrees, many people add salt and sugar to their naan mix. The sugar ultimately able’s the yeast to work, whilst the salt does the opposite but is essential for flavour. Therefore, getting the perfect amount is paramount, but comes with practice. Some choose to avoid garlic butter; you may think this is mad but they simply replace it with sesame seeds for a pop of flavour. This may depend on what you are serving it with and how you are planning on balancing out flavours for a delicious meal which combines adequately.

How do you choose to make your naan breads? Let us know your recipe secrets.

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