Renew Your Wedding Vows With Maharaja

Renew Your Wedding Vows With Maharaja

At Maharaja our business is based on love, offering catering solutions for the most romantic of all occasions; weddings. With the majority of Asian weddings having to incorporate a British ceremony into their celebrations (for legal reasons) Asian couples from many faiths choose to renew their wedding vows, reliving the best day of their life.

When should you renew your vows?

Couples usually decide to renew their vows on a specific date that means to something to them with the most popular options being:

The bride or groom’s birthday
One year anniversary
Five year anniversary
Ten year anniversary
One of their children’s birthday

Why renew your vows?

As well as reaffirming the vows you have already taken renewing your vows can be a great way to celebrate the theme of love in general, with many wanting to share this special occasion with children and family members that may not have been welcomes to the world at the time of the first wedding. Also, with many Asian couples getting married at a young age they may not have had the wedding of their dreams, with finances being in short supply. Fir this reason renewing vows gives such couples the opportunity to incorporate everything they didn’t have the chance to the first time round.

Planning the celebration

The majority of couples decide to revisit their wedding vows simply for the experience; wanting to invite family and friends to unite and enjoy a prolific party. This is where we at Maharaja come in, creating bespoke menus for all types of wedding celebrations. Being an extremely important feature at any Asian wedding celebration food sits at the centre of the reception, being a time where everyone can get together and create fantastic memories.

With vast experience in wedding renewal receptions we can help you and your guests unwind and enjoy a tasty meal together! Call us today for further details.