Pizza Hut Launch naan bread pizza for National Curry Week

Pizza Hut Launch naan bread pizza for National Curry Week

Being such a celebratory week many prestigious brands are jumping on the curry bandwagon, trying to entice the curry lovers of the world with Indian-inspired products.

The latest pizza delivery company to get involved in National Curry Week is none other than Pizza Hut, the pizza Kings that seldom test new ideas.

Why launch such a product?

Tej Randeva, Director at Maharaja says:

‘Having been involved in the pizza-chain and curry industry I can completely understand why Pizza Hut have decided to launch such a product. With curry being the UK’s favourite dish, followed by pizza, National Curry Week is a way to get amongst another market, those that may not think of pizza as a first takeaway choice’.

Appearing to be more of a marketing push than anything else this idea has nonetheless got our taste buds tickling, with the Maharaja chefs in particular hungry to try a slice.

The curry pizza

The naan bases are lovingly topped with a special blend of spices and Indian flavours, accompanied by mini poppadoms, chutney and raita. As a smorgasbord of Indian delights Pizza Hut are epecting this £9.99 deal to reign supreme throughout National Curry Week.

Kath Austin, Director of HR and Marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: “We wanted to create something innovative to celebrate National Curry Week and the reopening of our flagship new look Hut in the heart of Birmingham, and these dishes are the perfect fit.

“It took our team over 15 hours to get the flavour combinations just right. Naan pizzas are a first for us so we’re very proud of them and can’t wait to hear what people think.”

Let us know what you think, would you order a curry pizza? Leave your comments below.

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