Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

It is worth taking inspiration from whatever you can when planning an Asian wedding; anything from old pictures of your mother’s wedding to images you stumble across on social media platforms. Of late brides have been researching wedding ideas online, swearing by Pinterest for its ability to provide so many suggestions. Pinterest can be of great use when arranging an Asian wedding with the app allowing you to pinpoint favoured colours, gift ideas, dresses and much more. If you had a scrapbook as a child then you will understand what purpose such planning materials can serve, allowing you to look back at it for ideas and motivation.

With a vast assortment of images to scroll through Pinterest can provide you with access to how other bides have achieved the perfect wedding, studying everything from hairstyles and favours to centrepieces and wedding cars. The online application has been named as ‘the mother of all moodboards’, being totally addictive if looking for wedding planning ideas.

So, how does it work? If you are presented with an image of something that you think you could incorporate into your wedding then you have the opportunity to ‘pin’ it, either by clicking on the image or copying the URL and saving it onto the Pinterest board. Your board allows you to compile a number of images, creating a collage of options. This can be broken down into categories such as ‘wedding flower ideas’, ‘wedding colour schemes’ and so on. Pinterest is not only beneficial for you and your ideas but is favoured amongst wedding suppliers also. Sharing pins with suppliers is a great way to have a handle over what the finish product will be like. By sharing images that you admire with them they can gain more of a vision of what you intend the cake, dress or wedding favours to look like.

So, if you are planning a wedding then we suggest you sign up for Pinterest straight away and get pinning!

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