National Curry Week: Maharaja Chefs Get Fiery

National Curry Week: Maharaja Chefs Get Fiery

13th October 2015

At Maharaja we are passionate about one thing and one thing only, curry!

Being an iconic dish that welcomes so many flavours, ingredients and inspirations curry sits at the centre of the Maharaja kitchen, being both a British and Asian favourite. Originally brought to Britain in small supply we have now adopted curry as a national dish, sitting alongside fish and chips, pie and mash and many other of the country’s preferred meals.

Lak Banwait of the Maharaja management team says:

When people go to an Asian wedding or other event they expect curry, being a dish that we all know and love. What we at the Maharaja kitchen do is experiment with tradition without compromising quality, bringing modern ingredients and methods to the table.

With it being National Curry Week we are feeling more passionate than ever, with the chefs having worked together to create The Maharaja, a curry that will be trialled and tested over the coming months.

Spicing up the week 

With this dish being all about the celebration of Asian influence the Maharaja team knew that one ingredient was a necessity, chilli!

‘National Curry Week is all about revelling in spice and fiery flavours, this is what gave us the inspiration to create a signature dish’ continues Mr Banwait.

Let us know what you think, would you prefer a mild dish or something with a bit more of a kick on your wedding day. Leave your comments below.