Modern technology set to shake things up for the traditional Indian wedding  

Modern technology set to shake things up for the traditional Indian wedding  

While very much in a period of modernity when it comes to planning weddings, it seems that such celebrations are only going to get more digitally-focused, with the humble, refined Indian wedding being hard to come by. From wedding invitation websites to bridal party selfies, high-tech can now be found during every part of the nuptials. But, where are things heading when it comes to weddings and the role of technology?

3D-printed dresses

3D printing has made its way into various industries of late; even construction firms have started printing bridges! With many seeing the worth of the inventive methods, 3D-printing has now made its way to the world of weddings, with printed dresses now popular across the globe. Reimagining the wedding dress shopping experience, brides can now design their dresses online and get them printed from the image download!

Virtual reality wedding videos

One of the biggest aims for any wedding is to capture memories, with photography and videography being a focus for many brides and grooms. However, recently we are seeing many tech pioneers work with virtual reality wedding videos. Talking on how the process works Chris Sharpe of Spotlight 360 and Jan Ostrovsky of Virtually Memorable break down the concept.

“A VR video is a 180 or 360 degree video with a field-of-view that centres around a main subject and allows a viewer to freely look around the video to see the full scope of the environment surrounding that subject,” explains Ostrovsky.

Achieving the 360 effect takes plenty of coordination. “Using a selection of cameras pointing in different directions, the footage from the cameras are synchronized and then stitched together to create one high definition spherical video,” adds Sharpe.

If you are in the process of planning your big day, be sure to share your thoughts of tech-driven weddings with us!