Meaning of Maharaja

Meaning of Maharaja

Deciding on a name is notoriously hard for any business, wanting to choose something that truly reflects the ethos and personality of the brand. At Maharaja this process was pretty easy, knowing that we needed something that mirrored our want to provide catering services fit for a king.

The origin of Maharaja

The Sanskrit title ‘Maharaja’ was originally reserved for Asian rulers who ruled a large region with minor tributary rulers beneath them. Since the mediaeval times the title was used even by rulers of smaller states since they claimed to be the descendants of the ancient maharajas.

As a respected authority a maharaja stood and still stands for power and respect, qualities that we as a business admire. This is why we chose ‘Maharaja’ for the name of our catering business, a word that truly encapsulates what our team are about.

Banquets fit for royalty

Going to great lengths to make our customers feel welcome and accommodated to we ensure the food we serve is made with passion, providing bespoke menus that best celebrate your big event. If you are interested in hiring expert caterers then be sure to call us today and speak with a member of the advisory team.