What makes a great Indian food chef?

What makes a great Indian food chef?

Nowadays Indian food sits at the centre of the British home, restaurant menu and hunger cravings, with the country truly adopting the culture and personality of the food type. This welcoming of cultures can be seen throughout the Maharaja team; with chefs, waiters and management staff from all walks of life. Employing both Indian and British chefs we work with one ethos – to celebrate Indian food to the masses.

Wanting to share our passion to all of our customers we thought we would investigate the question ‘what makes a great Indian food chef?’.

Speaking with the team we came up with the following conclusions.


Although displaying a need  to stick with the times when it comes to catering we do uphold certain traditions here at Maharaja. Due to the fact that people tend to request a traditional menu for weddings, birthdays, business meetings and other events a sound knowledge of the origins of Indian food is a necessity.

‘While we are constantly trying new things in the Maharaja kitchen it is essential to have an stellar understanding of traditional Indian food’ says a Maharaja Chef.

‘It is from these traditional dishes and cooking methods that we create the base for fresh ideas and new recipes. You cannot know where you are going to until you know where you are from’.


The ability to cook tantalising food is obviously a necessity to become a chef but it is certainly passion that drives Maharaja. Eager to steer passionate cooks and waiters into the right direction in their career the whole team do something they love, something that we believe to be translated through the food.

‘Food tastes better when it is cooked with happiness and love’ says Maharaja’s head chef.

An eye for detail 

At a Maharaja event detail is everything, with organisers priding themselves on those finishing touches. From the presentation of the appetisers, drinks, main courses and desserts to the venue, bar and the stage, everything must be just so.

If you are already a chef or an aspiring cook share you thoughts on what makes a great chef with us.