Maharaja Rolls Royce Phantom

Maharaja Rolls Royce Phantom

11th September 2015

At Maharaja we get lots of people intrigued by the origin on our name, wanting to know more and more about the meaning behind ‘Maharaja’. With the Sanskrit title loosely translating to ‘great ruler’, ‘great king’ or ‘high king’ we thought the name truly reflected our style as a business, to serve food fit for royalty.

Finding a personal affiliation with the name it appears that we are not the only ones inspired by what ‘Maharaja’ represents with British carmakers, Rolls Royce, recently launching the Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupe, a bespoke-made vehicle reserved for the rich and famous.

Defining Indian culture in a flamboyant fashion the infamous manufactures have truly captured what the word connotes. From its peacock emblems (India’s national bird) to its emerald green coach line, the Maharaja is anything but basic.

The perfect Asian wedding car?

Although built for the Dubai market we cannot help but think how fitting it would be to have the Maharaja Drophead here in Britain, knowing just how much the Asian brides and grooms of the country would like to travel to and from their wedding celebration inside such a vehicle.

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