Lohri – What does it mean?

Lohri – What does it mean?

4th January 2016

Lohri, a festival celebrated on the 13th day of January, marking the culmination of winter is celebrated with much festivity and glee over Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir, Delhi and in major parts of India along with around the globe celebrations by Punjabi communities.

Present–day Festivities

A new birth or wedding calls for Lohri celebration as per our rich cultural Punjabi traditions which has taken just a modern avatar in modern times calling for whole lot of pomp and show. A traditional bonfire, dhol , folklore and delicious feast marks the beginning of the Lohri celebrations with folks dancing to the beat of traditional songs while farmers welcoming a new year. Throwing Revari, popcorn, til , phuliya and sugar candies is considered sacred along with traditional dinner in the form of Makke Di Roti and Sarso Ka Saag forming an integral part of lohri celebrations rooting from the age old Punjabi customs. Following Lohri, comes Makar Sakranti, a festival of kites letting people savor the taste of Til ke laddu and traditional sweets like Firni.

Our Offerings

At Maharaja we believe in upholding tradition with a passion for finest of the flavours and rich taste that melts your heart. The festival of lohri brings with it all- Traditional flavours’, Cultural pride, Rich food and Dhol. Here is your chance to end up celebrating the mouth watering food, enduring hospitality, Punjabi traditions and diverse Indian customs . Knowing the love Indians have for their food and to make this auspicious day more special, we bring you some of the authentic delicacies by the top chefs. Let the journey of festivity, flavours, hospitality and luxury with Maharaja continue to create our ever-lasting bond this season.

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