Kashmir government puts a stop to lavish weddings

Kashmir government puts a stop to lavish weddings

Indian-administered state Kashmir has been ordered to clamp down on excessively lavish Indian weddings, curbing costs, guests and food waste in an attempt to cut down on erratic spending and excessive spend in Indian wedding culture.

The government, who claim that this order has been issued as a direct response to public complaints about extravagance, waste and cost, have issued an order which requires the guest list to be cut down significantly, and for the number of dishes served at the wedding to also be stripped back.

The new order specifies that parents of brides cannot invite any more than 500 guests, and that number has now been limited to 400 guests for grooms also. No more than seven main dishes can be served to guests in an attempt to ensure that there is no wastage of any food items, because along with such lavish catering requirements, unfortunately consequently comes an outlandish amount of waste. The Kashmire government’s new policy will seek to dramatically reduce this amount of food waste.

Indeed, this new order will undoubtedly be met with mixed reviews, particularly in light of the similar ban which was attempted by the state in 1984, which was quickly revoked after protests from the public. Having said this, many local MPs think it is a good idea, with one even proposing a bill to impose a similar ban on expensive weddings right across India.

The state government has announced that the order will come into effect from the 1st of April, and has been issued in response to public complaints about extravagance, waste and  the intrusive noise which are associated with lavish Indian weddings.

Weddings are traditionally very expensive in Kashmir and food waste has long been a big issue within the Indian wedding industry. The traditional feast served at Indian weddings, locally referred to as Wazwan, includes a range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

It appears that Kashmir isn’t the only location in India where Indian weddings are costly, and right across India it is found that people spend lavishly on food, clothes and entertainment for their weddings, inviting thousands of guests and serving a vast array of luxurious dishes.

Most notably, in November the five day wedding of businessman and former Karnatake state minister G Janardhana Reddy’s daughter, Brahmani, had an estimated cost of £59 million pounds, which unsurprisingly prompted outrage as millions of Indians struggled financially.

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