The innovative wedding themes for new age Indian weddings

The innovative wedding themes for new age Indian weddings

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things in the life and wedding day is considered to be of highest importance. It is the starting of a beautiful chapter of life, full of romance and love. So, why not celebrate this great day with theme based function. Depending on your inclination and budget there are many wedding themes to choose from, let’s check some of them:.

Fairy theme

Fairy theme is the perfect theme for your wedding as it aptly reflects the very true nature of a marriage. You need to use the appropriate colours, costumes and props for the same. White is the “national colour” of fairyland. So ensure that you, you better half and even the guests should follow white costume theme. In the same manner, the food and set can also follow “all-white” theme. White chairs, white-coloured cuisines, white desserts and white cutlery would do the trick.
Delicacy is another thing that is closely associated with fairies. Curved edges, soft visual touch to the set, soothing white lights, soft music and adequately cushioned chairs are quintessential. Such a fairy theme wedding would even attract the attention of fairies in the heaven.

Floral Theme

If you need to add a fine touch of aesthetics to your wedding party without being too flashy then the floral theme is the best theme for you. The unique characteristic of this theme is that it does not have a too-flashy appearance. However, the natural aesthetics of flowers leave a subtle yet strong impact on the guests. And it is not only the forms and colours that mesmerise the guests .The kaleidoscope of different scents wafting in the air also adds a perfect romantic touch to the event. The entire stage is well decorated with flowers of different varieties.
Floral print costume theme would add a perfect finish to the overall affair. Just imagine, it would be a perfect scene when beautiful girls would be walking around in floral printed ethnic dresses. Even the handsome boys would be wearing shirts with floral designs.

50’s Bollywood Theme

The Bollywood of 50’s was known for its sophisticated appeal: sprawling bungalows, chandeliers, heroes with debonair look and heroines exuding perfect looks of beauty divas. Add to it the loving parents and you have a completely perfect picture. So, set plays a very important role in defining the “film-y” character if your wedding. Add hanging chandeliers, well-bedecked chairs, finely upholstered seats for bride and groom, and other fine elements of interior décor.

The groom would dress well-ironed suit with perfect creases to give him a debonair look. The bride would look great in a finely decorated flowing lehenga, Mehendi (Henna) and shiny golden ornaments highlighting her beauty. Needless to say, Bollywood dance and music are a must on such weddings. Ensure to play situational songs.When the bride leaves the “sets” there can be songs depicting the emotional situation of a father and daughter.

You can either choose a general Bollywood themed marriage or opt for a specific movie based theme. For a perfect touch of glamour, stick posters of bride and bridegroom in Bollywood pose all around the venue. The catering staff can also be given the look of side characters of Bollywood movies .the immediate family members and friends can wear the costume of famous Indian heroes and Heroines. Add to it a cameo artist, several mimicry artists and a few brief acts based on Bollywood .It would give your wedding event a perfect 50’s Bollywood theme.

Royal theme

The royal theme is another impressive wedding theme that can add a fresh gush of oxygen to your wedding. Indian weddings already have the luxurious character. You can just augment the luxury and give a regal touch to the whole affair. For more sophisticated appeal you can carefully design everything. Add a distinct stately character to the entire wedding affair: from wedding cards to menu.

It begins from designing the card. Use the appropriate material, content, fonts and format to the wedding cards to match that of a King’s majesty. Instead of wedding cards, it is better to use royal scrolls. Silver or golden ink would further add a great visual touch. Using a royal stamp on it would look really great. In the same way, the cutlery, interior decoration of the set and gifts should also match the royal character. Embellished chairs and strategic use of royal blue colour balanced with pearl white would strengthen the royal character. Further elegance would be added by luxurious cutlery with silver polish.

Use the Indian throne for bride and groom to give them a regal appeal.
Such marriages might lose their sheen if the guests attend in modern clothes. So, it is best to go for the theme based costume. You can go for Safari suits for men .the fairer gender would look perfectly well in Indian ethnic dresses like Ghaghra and Sari.

Related Information
Ghaghra: Ghaghra is a long, flowing Indian skirt that is often decorated with various motifs and embroidery.
Sari: Sari is an Indian ethnic garment for women. It has a particular length and is elaborately draped around the body in a specific manner.