Indian Street Food for Weddings

Indian Street Food for Weddings

Indian street food has become increasingly popular of late with pop-up kitchens and stalls dotted throughout all major UK cities. Catering for the people’s love of spice and curry-based dishes the UK has finally woken up to our curry needs, embracing the true tats of India.

What is street food?

Street food refers to foods eaten on Indian roadsides, delicacies that have existed in Indian for thousands of years. Where we in Britain are often accused of eating westernised versions of Indian classics street foods brings the taste of Asia directly to us.

Typical street food dishes

Street food tends to be little tasters of dishes, foods that complement one another. This is often referred to as chaat. From aloo tikki to bhel puri, chaat can describe any mixture of yogurt, spices,potatoes, chutney, and fried foods, providing the perfect smorgasbord for a large group of wedding guests.

With many Asian weddings opting to have both a sit down meal and a buffet later on in the evening we have found street food to be an amazing alternative to the traditional buffet, reinventing the display of boring sandwiches and quiche.

Book a consultation

At Maharaja we like to sit down and meet brides and grooms, getting to know them and learn about the type of celebration they envisage. In doing do we can draft many ideas, working alongside our expert chefs to devise astounding menus. If this sounds like a service you and your partner would be interested in then be sure to contact us today. We will talk you through the way in which the process works, making sure you make the most of your wedding day.

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