Indian restaurant for ‘people who don’t like curry’ opens in Beverly  

Indian restaurant for ‘people who don’t like curry’ opens in Beverly  

With a mission to change perceptions of Indian food ,curry restaurant owners, the Alom family, have decided to set up shop in Beverly, with their new, modern-focused Indian restaurant set to open its doors this week.  

Having been in the Indian restaurant trade for many years, even opening a spot in New York in 1992, the family want to really shake things up, offering its diners the chance to order things that do not even feature on the menu.  
Wanting to cate to all tastes , ages and foodies the family have gathered a lot of interest, with their first week in businesses expected to be an explosive one.  

“We’ll have something for everyone here,” Mr Alom, 29, said.  

“Young and old, people who’ve eaten curries all their lives and people who haven’t. 

Placing focus on the whole of Indian cuisine, not just the westernised versions that we in the UK are used to, the family promise to bring something new to the table.  

“People generally think that Indian food is just about curry and spice, and that puts some people off. India is a big country with so many different languages and different foods and there are some dishes that haven’t actually made it across to the UK yet. That’s what we’re trying to show. 
“We think people are looking for something different now. The menu’s not based on typical ideas. 

Propped up my a team of highly killed, innovative chefs the owners promise to give each diner a unique, unforgettable experience, offering inventive spins of Indian classics as well as introducing the delicacies of Indian to get people interested in the origins of herbs and spices.

Let us know what you think, is there room for an unconventional Indian restaurant in the area or would people prefer a more traditional approach. Leave your comments below.