Indian food voted Reading’s first choice

Indian food voted Reading’s first choice

With the U.K. Indian takeaway market becoming more and more diverse than ever before, introducing flavours from all over India, curry-lover numbers are only getting greater, especially in Reading.

This week it has been announced that Reading, a city focused on diversity, are still putting Indian food at the top of their popularity list. Uncovered by analysis of online food ordering website Just Eat, it appears the people of Reading put Indian food above pretty much every type of cuisine, with ordering numbers outperforming Chinese, pizza and Italian options.

Unthreatened by the whopping 63 pizza places Reading display an unbreakable bond with the humble curry, seeing 85 Indian takeaways enjoy a healthy business life as a result.

Revealing these surprising statistics a Reading newspaper read:

‘After pizza and Indian food, kebabs are the next favourite, with 36 restaurants to choose from.’Across the UK as a whole, pizza played second fiddle to Indian food, which squeezed into first place with availability in 10,613 restaurants to pizza’s 10,419.’

The rankings

With regards to dominance the world foods of Reading are ranked as follows:

1. Indian – 85 takeaway establishments
2. Pizza – 63 takeaway establishments
3. Kebab – 36 takeaway establishments
4. Curry – 30 takeaway establishments
5. Italian – 29 takeaway establishments

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