Indian Desserts: What to Serve and How to Serve it

Indian Desserts: What to Serve and How to Serve it

Indian desserts give a befitting ending to all spicy dishes, for many being the focus of mealtime. Being the wedding food finale it is important that great attention is paid to the sweet menu, making sure your spread caters to all types of eaters.

Boasting many sacred associations, often served during religious practice, Indian desserts come in all shapes, sizes and styles, giving you the opportunity to serve a smorgasbord of delights during your celebration.

Ice cream

Many choose to have alternative flavoured ice-cream/kulfi to serve at their wedding reception, being a universally-loved desserts that suits all ages. Being a dessert that you can transform into many flavours ice-cream is great as bith ab accompaniment to a dessert as well as a great dish served on its own, with the following flavours being extremely popular amongst our customers:

  • Mango
  • Cinnamon
  • Rhubarb and ginger
  • Mint chop chip
  • And many more

Buffet style dessert

Rather than taking a formal approach to serving your desserts why not consider going with more of a buffet-style? Not only does this allow people to pick and choose the dessert they want but it also encourages people to get up and speak with other people on the guest list.

A specific dish in mind?

If you have a dessert in mind then have faith that all of our chefs are open-minded, welcoming new ideas on a constant basis. Through consultations and taster sessions we will be sure to arrive at the perfect dessert menu for you and your guests.

Contact us today and get the ball rolling.