Indian cooking: Pantry essentials

Indian cooking: Pantry essentials

Indian food is famous for being packed with amazing aromas, vibrant colours, and of course those spicy, sweet tangy flavours. However, for the home cook this can sometimes be daunting. When you look at the majority of Indian food recipes, people are usually put off by the long list of ingredients. However, majority of them can be kept for a long time in the pantry, and so we’ve put together a list of pantry essentials for tasty home cooked Indian dishes.

Basmati Rice

Characterized by grains that become fluffy, basmati rice is fragrant and a long grain rice which is cultivated in India. Used in majority of Indian dishes, this type of rice is delicious and can last for AGES in the pantry.


A high-protein, high-fibre legume which is a staple in Indian cuisine, particularly in vegetarian Indian dishes. The Kabuli chickpea is the most commonly consumed variety in India and can be kept in the Pantry until it is needed.

Chickpea Flour

Called besan in Bengali, this high-protein, gluten-free flour is a dried roasted staple in Indian cooking. Used in many applications, chickpea flour is used in crepes, pancakes and in batter for frying. This ingredient is certainly a pantry essential.

Mung Beans

A legume native to India, the mung or moon bean is green when left whole. It is mostly used for dal in Indian cuisine and is absolutely delicious!

Kidney Beans

This ingredient is used frequently in the vegetarian cuisine of Northern India and elsewhere. Commonly used in Indian curries, kidney beans are great for giving texture to dishes and a slight crunch.

Be sure to add these ingredients to your pantry for your Indian meals, and be sure to keep updated with our news posts and blogs.

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