How important is great food at an Indian wedding?

How important is great food at an Indian wedding?

Getting married will be without a doubt of the, if not the sole, best days of your life. Committing to an eternity with your soulmate and significant other is no small feat, and as such deserves an incredible celebration. Planning a wedding will be simultaneously the most exciting and most stressful thing which you ever have to do, which is why it’s so important to choose elements which you love to culminate and form your perfect wedding. With Indian weddings in particular, the emphasis on the ceremony, tradition and rituals involved make the day a wonderful occasion for all who attend.

Choosing the food for your wedding may seem like an afterthought at first compared to choosing the dress and the venue, but the food served at your wedding is the centrepiece of your entire day. Often three courses are served for the wedding breakfast, and as your first meal as man and wife you want it to be one to remember. Not only do you have your loved ones who are attending the wedding to impress, but you must also choose a meal which both you and your partner are completely satisfied with to ensure the perfect meal. Indian food is famously diverse, spanning from spicy and tantalising to creamy and delicious, with a range of gorgeous vegetarian options forming the foundation of Indian food, which is perfect for the dietary requirements on the day.

From the canapés served upon arrival to the evening spread of food, and of course the main event three course meal in the middle, a wedding is broken up by food throughout the day, which is exactly why it’s so important to opt for a great selection.

Surprisingly, wedding food is possible to fit around the theme of your wedding. Whether you opt for a buffet style for people to help themselves, a sharing platter to encourage a community feel around each table or an individually portioned three course meal, each of these different styles will contribute to the vibe and ambience showcased on your wedding day. Indian food in particular is designed for sharing. Whether your preference is a Mughlai spread enriched with paneer, creamy curries and tandoori meats or Mithai, serving platters of ladoos, kheer and rasmalai, sharing and serving yourself (copious amounts of delicious food, might we add), is at the very heart of the food itself.

Indian weddings celebrate the concept of two families coming together, and act out a range of rituals and traditions to showcase the union of two said families. Opting for a lavish menu of Indian delicacies designed to be shared and enjoyed as a collective is the perfect way to cement this concept, and bring everyone even closer on the big day. Choosing great wedding food is not just a bonus on your special day, but in our eyes is truly essential, for few other areas showcase a celebration like pulling out all of the stops when it comes to the food at your fabulous Indian wedding.

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