Clever Ways to Cut Weddings Costs

Clever Ways to Cut Weddings Costs

15th September 2015

Asian weddings are infamously large affairs, with the bigger the wedding the more funds needed to pay for the celebration. Where do not want anyone to compromise on their dream wedding we do encourage our customers to plan weddings that are reflective of their tastes as well as their bank balance, ensuring they do not put themselves out of pocket.

Renting Vs Owning

Where people think that you have to buy so many things for your big day it is surprising how many things you can rent, with the following being an option:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Suits
  • Chair covers
  • Centrepieces
  • Table accessories
  • Backdrops
  • Stages
  • Mandaps


The vintage theme is becoming increasingly popular, with the home-grown, self-made styles being more fashionable than ever before. This is a great trend for brides and grooms on a budget, allowing them to create their own invitations, wedding gifts and many other expensive items.

Be selective

Many brides and grooms can get carried away when planning their wedding, forgetting the core reasoning behind the celebration, to celebrate unity. This is why we recommend that you be selective when it comes to extras, deciding whether or not certain purchases are really a necessity.

If you have any money saving tips then be sure to share them with us by commenting below!