Happy National Curry Week

Happy National Curry Week

This year we celebrated the 19th National Curry Week, with the whole of the UK coming together to celebrate the country’s favourite dish – curry! With Tikka Masala heading up the popularity list for Britain’s favourite food, we at Maharaja decided to get a little more inventive, hosting a range of spicy dishes at a host of events throughout the week. 

From pumkpin-focused daals to curry-stiffed breads, could this be the best week ever? 

What is National Curry week?

National Curry Week usually runs from the 10th October, a timeframe that marks 200 years of Indian restaurants in the UK. With the UK adopting the flavours and textures of Indian wholeheartedly this week celebrates our love-affair with Indian cuisine, a week where the whole Maharaja team feel rally at home. 

Encouraging various competitions, opinion polls and an influx of inventive recipes the Internet  has been filled with curry inspiration, with restaurants, takeaways, catering firms and the UK’s community of foodies all getting involved.   

Curry facts

While we are all massive fans of the humble curry the truth is most of us know little about its origins. Test your knowledge with our fun curry facts! 

One in seven curries sold in the UK is a chicken tikka masala  
Widower curry which is made with 20 infinity chillies is said to be the hottest curry in the world  
Us Brits spend over £250 million a year on Indian food 
London has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai and Delhi put together  
2 out of 3 takeaways in the UK are for Indian food   
The largest curry was made in 2005 and weighed 10.3 tonnes. 

If you have any fun curry facts be sure to share them by commenting below.