Give you guest a lifetime experience on your Big Day

Having a themed wedding will leave a great impact on your guests. Let’s have a look on some great ideas.

Having a themed wedding will leave a great impact on your guests. You can even decide to g a few miles ahead and opt for the innovative venue design ideas it allows your guests enjoying unlimited fun and drama in an ambience to match with. Let’s have a look on some great ideas:

Have a separate Indian performance corner

As an Indian wedding, one thing that would offer your wedding theme a distinct character would have a separate corner in the receptions as that is mainly aimed at showing typical Indian shows. Puppet shows would add a certain element of nostalgia without any doubt. It will allow many NRIs to five deep into their childhood school memories while the English audience would also love it. Magic shows would also keep the guests amused. Just imagine the traditionally clad turbaned magician doing some Abra ca dabra, fiddling his fingers and a pigeon conjuring up from nowhere! Adding some regional dance performances would also add a perfect hue to you wedding reception.

Babysitting service facility

To most of the parents, leaving their tiny tots at home to attend a marriage can look “oh-so-selfish”. They attend along with their tiny tots. In fact, these tiny tots liven up the party and add some great fun to it with their innocence and carefree fun. However, as the party fun is at its height the small children are already sleepy or start feeling homesick. They start crying and throwing tantrums. It poses a problem for the parents. Many of them leave even reluctantly while those who manage to remain, cannot enjoy the party to the fullest. For such parents, you can offer babysitting services right in the reception hall. Hire a separate room in the reception hall should be stuffed with everything kiddy: right from fluffy soft toys to musical things that will keep kids engaged. You can also have good provision for cancelling the effect of climate like comforters during winter, fan or ACs during summers etc. Such babysitting service will encourage even the young parents not only to stay till late hours but also enjoy every single moment of the party.

Themed shuttle bus

What would you expect from a wedding host who is providing shuttling service? A bus coming to your home and taking you to wedding venue along with other guests, right? You go differently! Turn this “journey into an experience”. Offering Jungle safari experience with a jungle themed bus would be a great idea. Some nature and wildlife paintings on exteriors would add a perfect character to the bus. You can also consider scheduling a few simple games for the passengers to make their journey pleasant. The word games are the best choices, can be played without any physical activity and best played when in proximity, like passengers sitting in a bus. You can either hire a person for starting the game or better still ask some of your relative or friends to volunteer! Not only will it keep the guests amused till they reach but also ensure that you when they finally reach the because they are already charged-up and in high spirits!

Lounge area

Indian weddings are incomplete with some Bollywood Bang: music, dance and loads of fun. But then the body has its own limits and legs starts complaining after shake them a lot! So where to head for when you are tired! Back to the chairs! Oh, that’s sooo lazy! You need a perfect ambience to prevent high spirits from dousing off. Go for a lounge area created especially for dancing guests. Make it attractive and relevant. An all time hit can be the old barrel theme. Just gather some old wine barrels, refurbish them in the form of a cosy sofa and use foamy upholstery to allow guests sinking into rest. For the best effects enclose the area with bright coloured semi-transparent partitions. Have some soft middle-eastern music to intoxicate the guests’ sense. Don’t forget to keep a hearty treat of light munchies. Peanuts are “oh-so-regular”. Go for roasted almonds, cashews and pistachios instead! Want to add some more zing? Use wine empty wine bottles to fill the nuts and serve them in wine glasses instead of bowls!

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