UK's first and only price comparison website for mobile hair & makeup artists.

Glamdeva® is the UK’s first online price comparison site which allows you compare instant prices for local Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists, and book online – anywhere in the UK.

If you have ever tried to find such a service provider in a rush, you may well have failed. With each artist working with their own booking processes, response rates, and pricing structures, the headaches of finding and booking an available artist are plentiful. Until now that is!

With the launch of Glamdeva comes a new era for the beauty industry; an online platform that connects professionals with consumers in a matter of seconds. Permitting consumers to search, compare and book artists in their local area, Glamdeva’s mission is to ‘streamline the beauty industry’.

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Glamdeva® is a registered trademark of Glamdeva UK.
Maharaja London has been granted permission to use this trademark.

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