Curry: The Winter Cold Cure According to Dr Priya Deshingkar

Curry: The Winter Cold Cure According to Dr Priya Deshingkar

Where we know that curry can cure cravings and hunger spells the celebrated dish also boasts various other benefits, allegedly being an amazing treatment for the common winter cold.

Dr Priya Deshingkar, a migration researcher at the University of Sussex, is extremely passionate about endorsing the benefits of Indian spice, eager to share his findings with the curry-lovers of the world.

“Indian Hindus have always strongly associated food with health,” he explains, telling how Indians have always ascribed a number of herbs and ingredients with health enhancing properties.

“There are a number of home remedies based on common ingredients found in most Indian homes,” adds Deshingkar. “At the same time, certain foods are thought to result in an imbalance of the dosha or humours of the body.


Constantly outlining the serving properties of Tumeric Deshingkar encourages people to try a hand at making a recipe entitled turmeric and hot milk (haldi dhood in Hindi), a basic recipe that helps clear chest infections and the flu.

“Turmeric has strong antibacterial properties and the milk ensures that it coats the back of the throat, thereby killing the germs that are causing the sore throat,” she explains.

“Turmeric is also applied neat to small wounds and cuts to prevent them from becoming infected.”

The more punch the better

With chilli being infamously beneficial to the immune system we at Maharaja are constantly testing recipes that pack a punch, responding to the UK’s need for chili-based delicacies.

Let us know what you think, could you think of any better way to get over the flu than with a tasty Indian meal? Leave your comments below.