The Art to Creating the Best Seating Plan

The Art to Creating the Best Seating Plan

11th September 2015

Devising a seating plan is up there with the hardest wedding planning tasks, being an extremely stressful chore that takes time and a considerable amount of patience. This is why we at Maharaja thought we would give our customers a hand, creating some top tips to aid this tedious process. We hope they help!

Obviously at Asian weddings that are lots of families invited, all wanting to sit with those they know as well as like-minded people. These tables are not the ones that are stressful to organise, it is people like work friends, those with big personalities and those attending on there own which are the issue.

Start with the easy ones

Grouping families and tables of couples is a breeze, so it makes sense to start with them, seating your guests in places in which they will feel comfortable. By creating a visual plan out of paper and sticking notes you can visualise how the plan with pan out, getting a feel for what the atmosphere will be like on the day.

People with common interests

As the bride and groom you are the only ones that know each of the guests, wanting to introduce people that you know will hit it off. With weddings being the ultimate matchmaking environment it is important that you match people with common interests, ensuring conversation flows smoothly during the evening meal.

Loud people and introverts

All weddings invite a mix of personalities, from the loud attention-seekers to the shy introverts; people from all walks of life come under one roof for your celebrations. With such individuals we suggest thinking carefully about where you seat them, making sure you do not have whole tables of loud people or whole tables of those that are a bit too shy. By using a blend of personalities you will encourage great conversations, seeing that everyone is well acquainted and enjoys meeting new people.