Choosing the Right Wedding Caterers

Choosing the Right Wedding Caterers

5th October 2015

When planning your wedding it is important that the suppliers you use mirror your excitement, sharing your need for perfection. This is incredibly important when it comes to picking your caterers, with food being the focal point of the whole day.At Maharaja we understand the importance of a wedding meal, being the time of the day in which everyone gathers together for a wholesome meal, catching up and revelling in the joining of two families.


How long the company has been running gives you an indication of how much experience they catering to your type of wedding. Where you should not swerve new companies just because they have less experience it is worth looking into the individuals running the company, gaining a clearer picture of their industry knowledge.

Are they accommodating?

What you want in a caterer is accommodating qualities, a supplier that listens to your needs and makes great suggestions. Where many suppliers can only offer fixed packages you want to choose a supplier that both offers suggestions and is open to the, someone that will work with you to get the best result.

What do their customers say?

In the Asian community people like to talk, giving each other advice and suggestions as to how to plan the most exquisite of events. For this reason it is a good idea to get in contact with past customers that have used the caterers you are looking at hiring, getting a real testimonial from those that are best informed.

If you are looking to hire an Indian wedding caterer then be sure to check out our services page, there you will find a list of options to choose from.