9th September 2015

Asian weddings are notorious for their flamboyancy, with brides and grooms going above and beyond to excite family and friends with the uniqueness of their wedding.

With a mission to be the occasion of the year it is vital that focus is maintained from the very early stages of planning, ensuring that no corners are cut when it comes to planning this extraordinary bonanza.

The first notification many of your guests will receive of your news is through the wedding card, an incorporation that is renowned for exciting the bride and her guests alike.

When you have that wedding card in your hand suddenly everything becomes real with the worry of all the things to plan really coming into force.

At Maharaja we know the importance of an extravagant wedding card, understanding that a well-designed invite makes for a beautiful keepsake.

As well as providing a personalised message to each guest they are also successful in giving invitees a taster of what they can expect when attending the event.

We suggest that you opt for a custom–made wedding invitation, ensuring that your guests know just how much effort you have put into making this day an unforgettable occasion.

While invitations are fantastic in securing your numbers they can also provide guests with an idea of what sort of wedding they can expect, allowing them to plan their outfits in accordance.

Incorporating your colour scheme and overall theme into the cards you will be sure to get your guests talking. With Asian weddings being such colossal events the wedding card is what encourages the excitement and anticipation for the day.

The cards can also be a great way of defining whether or not your wedding will be heavily focused on religion. With guests coming from an array of areas and backgrounds it is always nice to know what to expect when attending a wedding.

Asian Shaadi cards, Islamic wedding cards, Muslim wedding cards, and Bangladeshi designs are usually very different with religious symbols and references incorporated.

By choosing your wedding card design carefully you will be able to define your wedding, giving your loved ones the perfect image that you wish to convey.

We work with a network of wedding suppliers including luxury wedding card companies, all highly regarded for their innovative wedding card designs.

Check out Cardeva for more Asian wedding cards.

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