Booking Your Wedding Venue: a Three Step Guide 

Booking Your Wedding Venue: a Three Step Guide 

Although choosing the perfect wedding venue can feel like one of the biggest decisions of your life it is in fact quite simple, with many overthinking the venue shopping process. Having been helping brides and grooms with choosing a location for many years we have come up with a formula, a three-step guide that will help any couple prioritise what they need in a venue.


Although we hate to admit it price sits at the centre of every wedding discussion, dictating where we can and cannot take the wedding. From clothes and venues to cars and food; it is no secret that we are governed by our pockets. This is why when choosing a venue you have to think both with your heart and your head, finding a location that will fulfil your needs without breaking the bank.


With food playing such a vital role in the wedding celebration you need to make sure the venue you select is accommodating for caterers to access, prepare food in and serve in comfortably. For this reason you have to think carefully about the size of both the function room and the kitchen.


The majority of things featured at a wedding is picked for its attractive nature. This goes for everything from mandaps, clothing and jewellery to make-up, food and the venue itself. Due to this you will need decorations that will tie all of these things together, wanting to be given the freedom to dress the venue how you wish.

With many venues having tight decoration polices it is well worth having a look into to this before making any decisions.

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