Bollywood stars come together to congratulate Indian Olympic Medallist PV Sindhu

Bollywood stars come together to congratulate Indian Olympic Medallist PV Sindhu

Claiming to have made ‘all Indians very proud’ P.V. Sindu is the talk of the town this week, receiving a silver Olympic medal for her badminton triumph in Rio. As the first woman to ever win a silver medal in the competition Indians from all around the world are bursting with pride, with Friday’s victory being cemented in modern history indefinably.

As well as unparalleled respect the player is also set to receive substantial financial rewards from the Indian government, successfully putting the country’s name on the map when it comes to world badminton. At the tender age of 21 Sindhu is expected to receive a warm welcome on her return to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad.

Praise from Bollywood

As an international star herself P.V. will no doubt experince more kinds words coming her way, with Bollywood celebrities all taking to Twitter to congratulate the sportswoman. Famous names included film director Mahesh Bhatt writing the following:

‘P.V created history, Girl Power rules! Bravo!’

Receiving praise from the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar and Sridevi the woman’s feat will stay on social media timelines for many weeks to come.

Rishi Kapoor was another Indian film mogul eager to progress words of pride, writing:

‘God Bless. P.V Sindhu.Badminton. Silver!’

Now being coined ‘the golden girl’ we have even seen big brands such as Uber join in on the celebration, changing all of its car icons to shuttlecocks to mark the Indian’s success story.

At Maharaja we would like to join in on the tributes, giving kudos to the badminton star for making history! Well done PV Sindhu!

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