Big Fat Punjabi Weddings

Big Fat Punjabi Weddings

Let’s Wed the two, the Maharaja Style…

Punjabi’s, the most spirited, animated and vivacious people are known to celebrate their heart out when it comes to their big fat weddings. From Food to decorations, Bhangra to Punjabi rituals, these wedding stands as a matter of envy for others. Lets discover how the journey of such wedding unveils…

Wedding Invites… A start to the Journey

To keep the start exceptional, cards that stand out the rest coupled with Swiss chocolates to Desi laddoos or perfumed imported candles take the first seat. Wooden baskets, velvet and silk cases often accompany these delicacies enriching the presentation and luxury.

Roll… Camera… Action 

Couples and their pre-wedding locations range from grand parks to farms, forts to palaces and accompany them their photographers to capture their love. The photography sessions are not just limited to prospective bride and groom but extend to immediate family members bringing in light the family capturing some candid moments. Theme based pre and post wed shoots are becoming common sight of most such big fat Punjabi weddings.

Music and Dance… An essence of Punjabi heart

Music and dance, one among the things Punjabis are known for. Demand for International bands stands high in comparison to Bollywood singers. In case of unavailability, bands from Delhi stand as second preference.

Albums…The memory lane

Non cluttered wedding albums, systematic in their approach are mostly preferred. A memory lane, highlighting the events in a sequential form in the form of a collage is used. With the latest 3D technology, embossed highlight technique is being used to focus bride’s jewellery.

Wedding Sets…The show must go on…

Flamboyant sets are in huge demand particularly in theme based weddings. Theme based weddings are becoming an order of the day with Delhi and Chandigarh becoming the preference for a dream wedding.

Food…The game changer

Punjab has evolved as a modern state but when it comes to food, Punjabis swear to the Indian delicacies and the buffet remains a combination of varied cuisines. Food remains spicier and meat forms a large part of the Punjabi menu.

Journey with us…The Maharaja’s

We aim to ensure that Indian weddings are a blend of celebrations, stature and pride with our impeccable efforts and approach delivering the best to the people on their special day. With the Maharaja luxury, hospitality and the charismatic aura, the wedding day is surely going to be the.. Unforgettable one…And we take pride for being able to deliver you the best day of your life until now…