The best wine to accompany a curry   

The best wine to accompany a curry   

While curry and beer have for many years been joined at the hip our tastes as curry-lovers have become a lot more defined, enjoying lighter, more sophisticated food experiences when it comes to Asian cuisine. Of late we at Maharaja have seen many Indian weddings requiring wine with their dishes, with our chefs passionate about partnering great wines with the fragrant foods that come from our kitchen.
If you are a lover of all things spice then take a look at our top 5 wines to compliment a curry. We hope you like them!



While an obvious one a strong Chardonnay only enhances the tastes of a great curry. With its fruity style and blend of favours we highly recommend serving a Chardonnay with mild, creamy or buttery curries.



Best served with medium-hot Indian curries a Pinot can work as a great cooling agent, with best results encouraged with chilled glasses. Again sporting a strong fruity punch this wine can compliments starters, side dishes as well as the main attraction, the humble curry.



If you are a fan of a red wine then a Rioja works very well with spicy food, especially seafood recipes. However, it is important that you open the red wine 20 minutes before pouring, allowing it to breath to make the most of the bottle.

Sauvignon Blanc


With a distinctive aroma and flavour Sauvignon Blanc is usually very dry wine making it the perfect accompaniment to spicy, tomato-based curries and dishes.