Bespoke Cards: A Great Way to Say Thank You

Bespoke Cards: A Great Way to Say Thank You


With there being such a big build up to the wedding life can seem a bit empty following the nuptials, with all of the planning, arranging and preparations now over. Although the celebrations have come to an end there are still many things you need to do, with showing your gratitude to guests being one of them.

Say it with a card

Cards can be a great way to say thank you, showing guests how much their presence meant to you. As well as being a lovely gesture they also make for lovely keepsakes, with special members of your family and friendship groups keeping them to remember the precious day by.

Choosing an Indian card designer

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With the many wedding card companies offering the same designs it can be a good idea to go bespoke, getting a luxury card-maker to create a personalised thank you card that best celebrates your wedding style.

Your thank you card should:

  • Be made with your wedding colours
  • Stand out amongst other cards
  • Come from the heart
  • Be decorated well
  • Be created from high quality products


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Many choose to incorporate images into their thank you card; featuring pictures form the big day. With a large amount of time being spent posing for photographs at your wedding it can be nice to share these images with your guests, being an attractive card for your guests to display on their mantelpiece.

Let us know what you think, will you be sending out wedding thank you cards? Leave your comments below.

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