11th September 2015

All weddings require speeches in one way or another with loved ones wanting to share humorous and heartfelt accounts of their relationship with the newlyweds. 

Although a Best Man wedding speech is not a custom in Asian weddings they are not unheard of with many members of the family wanting to share opinions and fond memories with fellow guests. 

Whether it is the embarrassing uncle or the inappropriate cousin taking to the microphone, you must ensure that the speeches and organised in a way that best suits your celebration. 

Although the Best Man is not of such significance in an Asian wedding they still hold a strong presence during the nuptials, with the majority of guests awaiting his speech. 

Steering towards safer material speeches must be inline with the occasion and the values of the families. 

If you are planning a speech for an Asian wedding then respect, gratitude and pride must make an appearance, putting forth tasteful words that do not offend any ears. 

Where mockery of the groom is almost expected the level to which jokes are taken must be considered, ensuring that the bride and her family admire the Best Man speech and feel closer to him as a result. 

Usually speeches last around 20-30 minutes and take place just before dinner.

When planning your wedding it is worth gaining an idea of who will be speaking, making a schedule in which the speakers must follow. 

By doing so you can plan the dinner and entertainment accordingly. 

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