Asian Wedding Make-Up: The Do’s and Don’ts

Asian Wedding Make-Up: The Do’s and Don’ts

17th September 2015

For all brides the aim is to wow on your big day, and although many may not like being in the limelight it is inescapable on the biggest day of your life. This is why everything has to be perfect, with clothes, hair, henna and make-up all combining to create the perfect look.

2015 is a revolutionary year for Asian wedding make-up with contouring and shadowing taking a front seat this year. Here are a few emerging trends we at Maharaja feel to be a necessity for any 2014 celebration.


Contouring refers to the shadowing and highlighting of the face using many different colours of foundation. By focusing on the areas in which the light hit contouring aims to define and shape your features in the most flattering of ways. Made famous by the one and only Kim Kardashian contouring can completely reinvent the shape of your face, celebrating your features for everyone to see.


Of late we have seen people get pretty incentive with their eyebrows, with shapes and colours really testing convention. However with brides the more classic the better, with the neat, arch-shaped eyebrow being a timeless wedding day look.

Although not much has changed in eyebrow make-up recently we are seeing a lot more illuminating products hit our shelves with clever shading under the brow giving the eye area extra depth.

False eyelashes

False eyelashes are great as long as they are of a high quality, with cheap products running the risk of detaching mid-ceremony. This is why many are now choosing to have individual lashes attached, with stripped eyelashes not serving particularly well during those emotional times during a wedding.

Let us know what you think, what type of make-up do you want for your big day?