Asian Wedding Food: What is on Trend?

Asian Wedding Food: What is on Trend?

Here at the Maharaja kitchen we like to stay abreast of what is hot (literally) and what is not, putting on wedding food spreads that are attractive to the modern pallet. Constantly revising our menus and ingredients our aim is to excite with each and every dish, attracting the eyes and appetites of brides, grooms and most importantly – guests!


Colour now plays a huge role in our relationship with food and drink, with attractively coloured and presented food talking to our stomachs in a way that a messy plate never could.

‘Where Indian food is thought to be dull in colour, with the majority of westernised curries being a shade of brown, the truth is this is a very narrow depiction’ says the head chef at Maharaja.

‘We show a great passion for colour here in the kitchen, utilising both natural and synthetic products to bring dishes to life. Our most recent menu featured bright pink potato buns which truly went down a storm’ they continued.


Although a word that the Maharaja chefs have cooked up ‘instagramable’ is a word that is constantly flying around the Maharaja HQ, only serving food that wedding guests will want to share images of online.

Lak Banwait of Maharaja says:

‘Being a modern catering company we have to speak directly to our customers, with the majority of our customers engaging with us online through social media and our website. This is why visually we strive to be perfect.’

Healthy foods

Being in a generation where everyone is health conscious we have to cater to such tastes, playing around with ideas in order to attract the specific eaters of the world. For this reason we feature many carb-free dishes on our menu, as well as plates that can be enjoyed by those with allergies.

Street food

Again fed by the digital, hipster generation street food has never been so popular in the UK, a variant of Indian food that is much in demand for Indian wedding receptions. From chaat and samosas to breads and chutneys, people are becoming more and more hands on when it comes to dining.

To learn more about Asian wedding catering simply contact us today and speak with one of our planners. They will talk you through everything you need to know to plan a banquet to get everyone talking.