Asian Wedding filmmaker enjoys national prize nominations

Asian Wedding filmmaker enjoys national prize nominations

A love of storytelling has taken a successful wedding film maker from Nelson to London and Dubai.

Mujahaid Bin Jamshaid set up the wedding production company, Amor Media Productions, inside his home in 2009 with the help of a 2,000 Pendle Business Support Grant. It has now been nominated for ‘Wedding Videography Company of the Year’.

The Asian video awards ceremony will take place on Monday 6th March, but this is not the only date for Mr Jamshaid’s diary. The company has also been nominated for the ‘Filmmaker of the Year’ category in Manchester on March 27th. Ultimately, this month is set to be an excitable one for the entrepreneur.

Previously an investment banker, Mujahaid Bin Jamshaid, 31, was keen to leave his career behind and start a fresh to go ahead with his love of ‘storytelling’.

He said: “It all just started with me in an office at home.

“I did not know anything about film making, I never studied, just through my love for story telling I successfully have grown the brand to an international level.

“We do videos for all sorts of weddings all over the world, we’ve been to places like Dubai, it’s a dream.”

The company is one of 5 in the competitive category. The final 5 have been carefully chosen out of approximately 500 other business applicants.

Amor Media Productions has been nominated after a recent wedding video has gained more than one million Youtube views. The video is just one that’s been created in the offices of London, Dubai and Nelson.

Productions have also been created by the team of 40 staff for television adverts. However, it’s the wedding videos that have been greatly received and recognised, which director, Mujahaid Bin Jamshaid, is reportedly very pleased and proud of.