Shall I book a wedding DJ?

Shall I book a wedding DJ?

Creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere at an Asian wedding is a necessity with guests expecting nothing less than a colourful and vivacious party. The only way to achieve such a vivid impact is by hiring a good DJ for the occasion, ensuring that your wedding does not get stale following the ceremony. With family members up on their feet and filling the room with smiles hiring a DJ will ensure your wedding is one to remember.

Asian DJ’s are renowned for their innovation, incorporating lighting and testing new concepts constantly. Where a traditional DJ’s simply plays hits an Asian DJ shows a passionate to wow the crowd, getting people on the dance floor and enjoying the show.

Our list of suppliers encompasses some of the most sought-after Asian / Indian wedding DJ’s in the industry, highly regarded for their long history of wedding entertainment.

With experience in Bollywood, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim functions you can be sure that they will create a playlist that best suits you and your guests. We suggest that you schedule a meeting with your wedding DJ, getting a taste for what they do and the kind of performance you can expect from them.

Many DJ’s offer brides and grooms the chance to attend a wedding that they will be playing at as a way for you to trial their work before placing a booking with them. By doing so you can measure their creative flair and decide whether or not they will be appropriate for your special day.

There’s a wide range DJ options available for Asian weddings, here’s a few roadshows (companies) which you may want to consider:

  1. Kudos Music
  2. Ritzy Music
  3. Paragon Roadshow
  4. Sting London
  5. Calibar
  6. Enigma Roadshow London
  7. Kamology
  8. AOS (Ambassadors of Sound)
  9. Motion Music
  10. Kikli Roadshow

If you are looking for an independent DJ or a popular name then you may wish to consider the names below. Please note that some of these DJ’s are also available through the Roadshows listed above (in no particular order):

  1. DJ VIX
  2. Jas Johal
  3. Rajeev B
  4. DJ H
  5. DJ Harv
  6. DJ Dips
  7. DJ Aman K
  8. DJ Dal
  9. AJD
  10. Jags Klimax

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